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Bobby Robot

A cyborg who's never met another human. A robot army that expects him to annihilate mankind. Bobby knows his destiny until a beautiful human girl crash lands on his planet.
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Observe this grotesque human face. See how his repulsive mouth bones shine in the light. This is the face of human author Michael Hilton just before he was captured by High Command scouting bots. On the day of his planned execution, our interrogators discovered the pathetic creature's ability to compile fictional human texts. He clings to the belief that these compilations, which his species calls "books," have the ability to change lives. A laughable theory if we possessed a sense of humor. What he sees as a way to elevate and unite the human experience, we see as propaganda tools to conquer and enslave humanity. Michael used to live in Texas, but now resides in the brig of our ship, where he is forced to write for us constantly or face the incinerator. His first book, Bobby Robot, has infiltrated your markets. It is filled with subliminal pro-robotic messages to infect your mind. Your destruction is imminent. 

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Bobby Robot

Media propaganda

Bobby Robot is useful for subjugating feeble human minds.

Robot Overlord Alpha

High Command Memorandum

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