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Author Interview - Frank Morelli | The Weekly Geek

Whatup, nerds. This week I had the pleasure of learning what author Frank Morelli is geeking out about. Frank's a successful author and a super personable guy.

Frank Morelli is an educator and the author of the young adult novel, No Sad Songs (2018), a YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers nominee and an American Fiction Award winner for best coming of age story. His middle grade ‘Please Return To’ series features Norbert Finkelstein and Toby Solano, and provides young readers with a roadmap to end bullying. Morelli’s fiction has appeared in publications including The Saturday Evening Post, Cobalt Review, Philadelphia Stories, and Highlights Magazine.

Frank, let's get to it. What are you geeking out about?

  • What I'm reading: Right now I’m reading Patrick Hueller’s latest middle grade novel, Read At Your Own Peril. It just came out at the beginning of August and it’s a clever, spine-tingling, humorous deep-dive into the dystopian genre with a healthy dose of reverse psychology mixed in. As a lifelong educator, I truly respect the motivating factor of that last feature. I absolutely recommend it, along with Patrick’s debut novel, Kirsten Howard’s Biggest Fan.

  • What I’m Listening To: I’m absolutely obsessed with Black Pumas right now. For a long time I lost all faith in the music industry and its ability to locate real musical talent and produce songs that will eventually pass the test of time. Black Pumas has that perfect mix of rock, late 60s soul, masterful lyricism, and a lead singer who reminds me of a combination of Al Green and Marvin Gaye...but with a powerful lineup of musicians and backup singers that makes each song an epic journey.

  • TV Show I’m Rewatching: I can’t get enough of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, partly because the show ended in 2010 and the political strife we deal with on a daily basis is mercifully absent in every show. Besides that, what’s better than a 15 minute long burst of laughter that introduces you to classic vehicles you never knew existed, makes you crave a cafe latte at any time of day, and provides you with a hilarious window into the creative processes of some of the most legendary comedians on the planet? The answer is: nothing.

  • What I’m Doing For Exercise: I’ve always been a fan of team sports and an enemy of having to drag myself into the gym to lift weights in front of a mirror. Since the pandemic took over our lives in March, I haven’t been able to participate in either venture. Gyms are closed and, with them, baseball diamonds and ice hockey rinks have turned into congregation zones for tumbleweed. So...I bought a bike and now I ride around my neighborhood each day like I used to when I was five years old. And, no...I will not wear the spandex suit. Just basketball shorts and a tee for me.

That's awesome. I just listened to "Colors" by Black Pumas, and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us. What else are you up to?

The year 2020 has felt like a decade for most of us, but there have still been a few shimmers of sunlight in my life. My debut YA novel, No Sad Songs, was picked up by a production company and I was asked to write the screenplay for an upcoming film based on the book. I’ve also been working on two more novels, a YA novel that touches on PTSD and addiction which will come out on April 6, 2021, and a middle grade novel that focuses on media bias and on ways we can read between the lines, which will drop in the spring of 2022. Things have been thankfully busy for me, so I’ve been able to distract myself slightly from the daily dread that has dawned in this new decade.

Congrats on the the film! Sounds like you're crushing it out there. We'll have to feature you again soon!

You can connect with Frank on Twitter @frankmoewriter, on Instagram @frankmorelliauthor, or on his author site frankmorelliwrites.com.

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