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Creator Interview - Meg Dowell | The Weekly Geek

Whatup, nerds. This week, Meg Dowell took a break from her 100+ jobs to share a short list of stuff she's geeking out about.

Meg is an editor, book reviewer, podcaster, and photographer with a special interest in books and pop culture. She traded a certification in health literacy for a career in entertainment journalism and now talks about Star Wars possibly too much. You can read her work at Youtini, Dork Side of the Force, Friends of the Force, and Culturess.

Meg is one of the hardest working staff members at Youtini, and the sheer number of projects she's working on at one time is exhausting to think about. What's she doing when she's not working? Here's what:

What I'm watching right now 

What I'm currently reading 

What I'm listening to

Current projects:

Thanks for the list, Meg! This is a lot of great content to dig into. (Side note: I loved The Rise of Kyoshi and can't wait to read its sequel, The Shadow of Kyoshi. Very much worth checking out if you're an Avatar fan.)

That's it for this week! Be sure to follow Meg on Twitter and Instagram. And if you like discovering new stuff to geek out about, please like, share, and subscribe (under Media Propaganda).

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