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Interview - Frank O'Sullivan | The Weekly Geek

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Whatup, nerds. Want to find new stuff to geek out about? You're in the right place.

This week, I interviewed Frank O'Sullivan.

A little about Frank in his own words:

"By day, a Database Administrator and by night Keeper of the Youtini Holocron (in short, Database Administrator). I like diversity in my life. A serial Star Wars Expanded Universe (Legends) reader back in the day until I hit a blip with the infamous New Jedi Order book Traitor and from there after skipped large parts of the EU. My love of Star Wars literature was rekindled with the new Canon line after the Disney buy out and now read anything Star Wars related I can get my hands on.

My other literature love is the Fantasy genre with David Gemell and R.A. Salvatore, my all time favorite authors. Have I mentioned how much I love Vector Prime?

My achilles heel is my love for Irish craft beer."

I met Frank while working at Youtini, and you can thank him for convincing me to finally pull the trigger on reading the D&D classic The Legend of Drizzt series.

Frank, what are you geeking out about lately?

  • Watching: The Umbrella Academy. The soundtrack is so freaking awesome, I created my own “Umbrella Academy” playlist on Amazon Music. My guilty pleasure is dancing to “I think We're Alone Now” late at night in the kitchen, drunk.

  • Reading: Just picked up Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy 1945-1975 by Max Hastings. A history nerd, far from it, [as] Star Wars and Fantasy are my usual go-to books. Having just finished all 9 Volumes of Legends Dark Horse Clone Wars Series (very, very dark. A lot of Jedi were killed while making this series), I was oddly drawn towards this book. (Must be the frame of mind I am in).

  • Geeking out in: Table2site.com. A cool application which allows you to build a website using Airtable as your data source with no coding. Using both free versions, you can literally create your own website for free, which is freaking awesome.

  • Projects: As they say, everyone has a book in them, and I am no exception. Heroic/Epic Fantasy, 8 years in the making and on my third draft (having never completed one) but this time it’ll be different, I swear, honest.

That's it for this week! Follow Frank on Twitter. And if you like discovering new geeky stuff, like, subscribe, and share!

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