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Hip-Hop Artist Interview - LTrain | The Weekly Geek

Whatup, nerds. This week, we're featuring our first musical guest with hip-hop artist LTrain. He and I go way back, and I was pumped to get a preview of his tracks in the year before he released his first mix. Between bouts of laughter at his humor and witticism, I was struck by the authenticity of his voice, something many artists struggle for years to find. He knows what he's going for, and the effect is clever and hilarious.

LTrain raps at his show

For those of you who don't know him, LTrain is a Louisiana-based hip-hop artist whose music blends several different genres, including pop, electronic, and trap. His discography includes two mixtapes entitled, Don't Get Fired (2017) and The Drop (2018), as well as his debut EP, Cultural Appropriation (2019). The title of this most recent release reflects the artist's lyrical style which is based on humor, intellect, and clever wordplay. LTrain is currently in the process of recording two new EPs.

What have you been geeking out about lately?

  • What I'm watching: Since the pandemic brought the world to a halt, I've had the opportunity to rewatch one of the greatest television shows ever produced, Las Vegas. This show (which is equal parts sitcom and crime drama) has numerous guest stars and cameos that paint a nostalgic picture of mid-2000s pop culture. Sadly, the show's five-year run came to an end largely because of the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike (what jerks!).

  • What I'm reading: When I'm not binge watching Las Vegas, you can find me rereading several books by my favorite author, John Green. And since you asked, An Abundance of Katherines is his smartest book, while Looking for Alaska is his best book. These two novels are followed closely by Paper Towns; Will Grayson, Will Grayson; The Fault in Our Stars; and finally, the ever underwhelming Turtles All the Way Down. Keep in mind that these rankings are not based on my subjective opinions, only FACTS. So you "Fault in our Stars" stans can get at me in the comment section.

  • What I'm creating: Currently, I'm recording two new EPs that I plan on releasing side by side. One delves deeper into my hip-hop journey, while the other is an exploration of a unique crossover between hip-hop and electropop music.

What else are you up to?

When I'm not creating music, I'm just a cog in the machine of the public education industrial complex. 

In lieu of shameless self-promotion, I would like to draw attention to Hurricane Laura which recently ravaged many parts of southwest and central Louisiana. Sadly, with the end of the storm comes the end of the media coverage, so the rest of the nation never gets to witness the devastating aftermath of the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana in more than 150 years. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without water, electricity, and shelter, many of whom have no home to which they can return. Although thoughts and prayers are nice, neither of these actions can bring back what people have lost.

Please support Hurricane Laura relief efforts by donating to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana. This organization will ensure that your contributions are granted to nonprofits that deliver food, shelter, medicine, and eventually long-term recovery for southwest Louisiana.

You can find more information in the link, below. Thank you, in advance.


You can follow LTrain on Youtube, Spotify, and Instagram. If you like short lists with awesome new stuff to geek out about, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post! Bye, nerds.

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