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Artist Interview - Morgan Tanner | The Weekly Geek

Whatup, nerds. This week, I had the pleasure of finding out what artist Morgan Tanner is geeking out about. Morgan's work is fantastic, and her purpose behind her art is profound.

Morgan’s been painting for 15 years. She creates artwork to symbolize the souls of people (or things) that you’ve lost in order to help you heal through grief. Morgan calls these works of art “healing gifts.” 

What are you geeking out about?

  • What I’m reading: Linchpin: Are You Indespensible? by Seth Godin for the third time. Seth explains how typical behaviors that we were taught are necessary to be successful - obedience and performing to standardized benchmarks - aren’t actually the factors that differentiate us. The thoughts in his book were hard for me to swallow at first but are delightfully uncomfortable.

  • What I’m learning: Landscaping! My ultimate dream is to have a back yard full of plants with a beautifully lit walkway. In true stubborn Morgan manner, I’ve decided to take on this project myself. Of all the things I’ve planted this year - elephant ears, fig trees, hydrangeas, black eyed Susan’s - my favorite by far has been lemongrass. It smells delicious, and I love watching it sway in the wind. 

  • What I’m watching right now: Absolutely nothing. I recently sold my tv (and cancelled Netflix) in order to focus on art without the temptation of distraction. Since then, I’ve completed 2 original paintings per week on average.

  • What I’m practicing: Self-discipline and mental toughness. After listening to Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson for the past few months during my runs after work, I decided to create some mentally challenging habits as well as eliminate some which didn’t serve me. I adopted a 30 day challenge following 5 rules: 1) wake up on first alarm, 2) make my bed every morning, 3) 5 minute cold shower, 4) before bed, make sure everything is in its place in the house, and 5) when I get hungry, I take note of the time and don’t allow myself to eat until 30 minutes passes. If I broke any of these rules on a specific day, I had to start over the count from Day 1. Next, I’m planning a similar discipline exercise with even stricter rules.

What else are you working on?

  • Healing Gifts: My mom died when I was 20, and I realized most gifts that are given to those in grief are only a reminder of loss. Flowers die 2 weeks after a funeral. I can’t look at a photo of mom without remembering that she’s gone. I create paintings to symbolize the soul of people (or things) you’ve lost in order to help you heal. This work is not at all associated with loss and serves as a positive affirmation that souls never die.

  • What I’m planning: Podcast, YouTube, and Twitch. Now that my website has officially gone live, it’s time to sharpen up my video editing skills and begin documenting the process of creating my work! If anyone has advice in video editing or creating these channels, hit me up.

  • Upcoming Projects: Grief is not just about death, it’s about loss. I’m currently researching resin and mold creation to carry out my next idea to help women experiencing grief after a mastectomy.

Check out more of Morgan's work on her website and follow her Instagram: @morgantannerart to keep up with her projects (and guest appearances by her very cute dog).

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