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The Weekly Geek

Greetings, humans!

Welcome to the inaugural The Weekly Geek, a short list of everything I'm geeking out about this week.

  • Show I'm watching: Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. I first watched Jim Henson's cult classic The Dark Crystal about 6 years ago when the company ran an Author Quest contest to find an author for a new Dark Crystal novel. After watching the movie, I found I didn't quite connect with the story, but was fascinated as always by the excellent visuals and puppetry. I'm happy to say that the Netflix series, which is set one thousand years before the events of the original movie, contains a great cast of characters that so far has resonated with me as well as extraordinary productions values and puppetry that amaze me in every scene. I'm only a few episodes in, but if you're a fan of Jim Henson at all, I say check it out.

  • Action figure I'm posing: I love Power Rangers. There, I said it. Hasbro recently bought the toy rights from Bandai and released the Lightning Collection. The figures are similar to Marvel's Legends collection. I've been thoroughly enjoying their White Ranger. Also, if anyone comes across Gamestop's exclusive Goldar figure, please send it me one. Thanks.

  • Comic I'm reading: Speaking of Power Rangers, Boom!'s Go Go Power Rangers comic series is now my favorite iteration of the Rangers. It focuses on their younger years, while the main series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, follows them after they've had their powers for a while. Both series are probably the closest thing to a more believable Angel Grove we'll get right now. I'm going back and reading the main series thanks to Go Go's tie in with the Shattered Grid event, which sees an evil version of Tommy cross the Morphin grid as he attempts to conquer Ranger teams from all eras. *Pushes glasses up bridge of nose*

That's it this week! What are you geeking out about?

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