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The Weekly Geek

TODAY! Bobby Robot releases today! This is a lifelong dream come true. Hopefully you read it before the apocalypse destroys us all. Speaking of which, this is an interesting time to be a geek. A lot of movie release dates are getting pushed back (sup Mulan and Black Widow) and a lot of home releases are getting pushed up (oh hey Frozen 2 and Onward). Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about:

  • What's in my queue: Disney Insider. Available today (on Bobby Robot's launch day, thanks, Disney), this series on Disney+ goes behind the movies, parks, destinations, music, toys, and more. I love behind-the-scenes stuff and am really looking forward to this one.

  • What I want to play: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I love Animal Crossing. There, I said it. I spent hours with the original on the Gamecube, fishing, running errands for townsfolk, adding to the museum collection, upgrading my house, and shaking trees for hidden money. Now, eighteen years later I get to do it all again on the Switch. It's kinda like Stardew Valley, only no farming, mining, or crafting...just all the other stuff, I guess? Whatever, it's addicting.

  • What I want to read: A Kiss From Cupid by Carly Huss. This book, written by my very good friend, follows Freya Darling, a Cupid assigned to help people fall in love. But when Freya, curious about who she's meant to be with, steals her own Fated card from Cupid's vault, the name on the card is the last one she wants to see. Carly's actually got another book coming out soon, AND I'm currently beta reading her latest work, which honestly is one of the best books I've read. Keep an eye on her.

  • What's available now: BOBBY ROBOT! Did I mention my book's available? Treat yo'self this quarantine season!

That's it for now! What are you doing while isolated?

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