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Whatup, nerds. I'm trying out a new topic-based format. Trot out the categories. Movies, Books, Star Wars, Science, and Everything Else. Let me know if you love it, hate it, or are thoroughly indifferent. So. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about this week:

  • Movie I just now got around to: Chronicle. A buddy showed me this. Three teenage friends develop super-powers in a "found-footage" style movie. How they gain their abilities isn't as important to the story as how their powers amplify their character. It's an entertaining, somewhat dark character study that asks how your inner life manifests externally when you're given extraordinary power.

  • Book I've preordered: Nine Lives by Carly Huss. I've mentioned I had the privilege to beta-read Carly's current WIP project, and it's one of my all time favorite books. So I'm excited to read this YA Contemporary Fantasy following Amelia as she wakes up in another body nine days after she's killed and begins to uncover who she really is. Carly excels at crafting characters, and I'm pumped to see what she does with this book.

  • Totally crazy military tech I'm reading about: Plasma tech. The US Navy developed a way to use lasers to draw 2D and 3D "ghost" images in the atmosphere to fool infrared-guided missiles. Apparently, this could partly explain some UFO sightings picked up on pilots' instruments. While the tech itself is crazy cool, the article points out that the it doesn't fully explain the US Navy reports of UFO sightings in 2004 and 2014-2015. Either way, I think it demonstrates how some of the unexplained mysteries you read about from time to time may actually be the result of secret military technology. Cue the conspiracy theories.

  • Star Wars news I'm excited about: Taika Waititi is set to direct a new Star Wars feature. You may know Waititi as the guy who directed Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows. Fingers crossed he gets to inject his unique voice into the Star Wars universe. Dude's crazy talented.

  • TV series I'm looking forward to: Percy Jackson is finally getting another screen adaptation. The books are pretty short and seem better adapted to film, so it'll be interesting to see it as an episodic series. TV shows are generally better with character development because they have more time to build the story than the standard 2-ish hours allotted to movies. My guess is that it will be a short season of maybe 8 episodes that follow the first novel. Then if it's successful, we might see more episodes per season as the series progresses. Also it's on Disney+, so I don't have to pay for another streaming service. Dope.

  • Bonus Star Wars bullet point: I have a quick cameo in this week's episode of Youtini's The Living Force Podcast. Go check it out to hear my dumb self for 60 seconds in the ad break and also to hear the staff's thoughts on the ending of The Clone Wars.

That's it for this week! I got my microphone in, so be on the lookout for video content hopefully soon! Like, subscribe, and let me know what you're geeking out about!

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