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Whatup, nerds! What a crazy week. We all could do with some geeky stuff to focus on, right? I gotchu fam. Last week I played around with the format, and I think instead of forcing a geeky topic into a certain category, we're going back to the classic form of sharing everything and anything I love so that maybe you'll discover something you love too So here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about this week.

  • Game I can't wait to try: Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. The original Paper Mario is still one of my all-time favorite games with its colorful characters, great level design, and RPG-like experience, but we haven't had a proper sequel since Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which was the last game in the series to utilize PM's unique turn-based combat system. The gameplay trailer seems to suggest a return to form, although we'll have to see if the new ring-orientation mechanic fits with classic Paper Mario style. The Origami King at least promises a fun take on the whole paper world thing with Mario battling enemies folded into origami adversaries when it releases on July 17.

  • Movie I want to see again (or for the first time?): Zack Snyder's Justice League. I'm pretty fascinated by the movie-making process, and Warner Brothers' move to re-release the 2017 DCEU film Justice League is pretty unprecedented. Snyder had to step down as director late in the movie's production due to a family crisis, leading Joss Whedon to finish the film with some scenes reshot and altered to an overall lighter tone. What's crazy to me is that after years of fan petitions, Warner Brother's is actually agreeing to release the "Snyder Cut," and is reportedly spending $20-30 million on visual effects and scoring of Snyder's original scenes. On one hand, this could simply be a genius marketing ploy to boost subscriptions of the new HBO Max streaming service since that's where the movie will make landfall in 2021. On the other hand, I wonder how this will set a precedent for WB and other major studios to alter big-budget films and potentially the break the narrative of shared universes like the MCU and the DCEU because fans are unhappy with a finished product. Then, on a third hand, I like the idea of a big studio actually listening to their audience. I mean, look what happened with Sonic.

  • Artist I'm listening to: Kozoro. This positive chillstep from creator Kozoro was just what I needed to finish the first draft of Bobby Robot 2.0. Check out In Your Eyes, the track I listened to while writing the final scene.

  • Book I just finished: My own! I finished the first draft of Bobby Robot 2.0. You guys. I can't wait to share this one.

That's it! If you like these lists, like and share. Every little bit helps. Later, nerds!

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