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Whatup nerds. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about this week:

  • Documentary I'm watching: The Heart of Batman. On June 16, Warner Bros. live streamed this documentary about the making of Batman: The Animated Series. The 90's cartoon was pretty revolutionary for its time with its dark tone and earnest approach to storytelling. I expected to just be satisfied with stories regarding the series' development, but the documentary takes a surprisingly candid look at how WB's own IP was historically subject to the widespread silliness of children's animation before Batman: The Animated Series debuted. I'd love to see Disney release a similar doc about their equally dark Gargoyles series. Especially if Jordan Peele's idea for a Gargoyles movie ever takes off (not likely, unfortunately, but we can hope).

  • Why I can't wait to fly an X-Wing: Last week, EA revealed gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons. Looks like we're getting a first person starship fighter where I FINALLY get to shoot down TIEs from the cockpit of an X-Wing. There are other classes and their Imperial equivalents too. But. X-Wing. Piloting in first person seems to offer some really interesting tactical decisions such as diverting power to guns, shields, or engines. Since it'll have cross-play, you can join my server and watch me die a lot when it comes out on October 2nd.

  • Movie I'm skeptical about, but will see because nostalgia: Chicken Run 2.

That's it for this week. Also, update on The Weekly Geek web series: I've got a couple interviews in the bag, but I had to cut a couple big interviews I was really excited about due to pandemic scheduling issues, BUT while the "season" may prove to be episodes released as I record them, I've got some pretty cool content and people to talk to. Share this blog if you like it, or don't if you don't, but thanks for reading!


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