• Michael Hilton

The Weekly Geek 32

Whatup, nerds. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about this week:

Artist I'm listening to in the office - Sleepy Fish. These chillhop tracks are soft enough to fade into the background of a conversation or work session while still evoking a pleasant emotion when your brain does tune in. This one and this one are pretty great.

Soundtrack I'm listening to - your name. I watch the movie around this time every year, and I obsess about the soundtrack for a good few weeks. It's very difficult to find an anime that resonates with me, but this one hits all my favorite movie check boxes, which includes a soundtrack that heightens all the crazy emotions I never expected from it. (Definitely listen to the Japanese album. The English translation is...a translation).

Show I'm interested in - The Mandalorian Season 2. A lot of the storytelling choices in Season 1 didn't hit well for me, but obviously I love the universe and I'm happy to be back in it. Plus I'm verrrrry interest to see how they adapt the rumored Ahsoka.

That's it for this week! Be sure to like, subscribe, and share if you love discovering awesome new stuff!

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