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The Weekly Geek 38

Hullo, nerds. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about:

  • What I'm watching: Cobra Kai Season 3. The sequel series to one of my favorite movies, The Karate Kid, weirdly started out YouTube Red before Netflix acquired the show ahead of its third season. With Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles from the films, I expected a mediocre show banking on fan service to capture the goodwill of a nostalgic audience, and was very surprised to find an entertaining series with some teeth. In a surprisingly bold move, the first season calls attention to the current generation's softness, a generation the show says has lost its disciplined fighting strength. At the same time, the series casts a critical eye at the toxic use of violence in the formation of its main character, and villain of the first movie, Johnny Lawrence. What follows is an exploration of the true nature of a fighter, much like the theme of the original film. To be sure, the show has its wildly cheesy parts and some scenes that prioritize the spectacle of karate over realism, but if you enjoyed The Karate Kid, you'll find a lot to like in Cobra Kai.

  • What's getting me hyped: The trailer for New Pokémon Snap. If my child self could have seen outside the Pokémon fog surrounding my brain in the 90s and early 00s, I might have thought the original Pokémon Snap was a pretty odd concept. Driving around taking pictures of Pokémon doesn't sound all that appealing, right? But much respect to the developers for making an absolutely addicting game. Trying to improve my photography skills while discovering each map's numerous secrets proved the winning formula for my nerd self. I played it recently, and it holds up. Looking forward to this new one.

  • What else I'm watching: WandaVision. Honestly, the MCU constantly amazes me with its creativity and risk taking. A show like this wouldn't be possible without 12+ years of an interconnected movie universe. Now, millions of fans are watching this bizarre concept unfold where two superheroes live through major sitcom eras in TV history as they begin to discover an unsettling truth about their existence. What a time to be a nerd.

That's it for this week. If you like discovering awesome new stuff, be sure to share and subscribe so you don't miss any nerdy stuff!

P.S. Deal of the Day (1st quarter of the year, actually): All Things Weird and Strange, the anthology featuring my new short story "Swap," is still on sale for only $0.99. Seriously, six stories for a buck. Preorder it now, you nerd.

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