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Everybody Hates Captain America | The Weekly Geek 43

Hello, nerds. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about.

  • What I'm watching: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After the trippy ride WandaVision provided, this new Marvel show hits different. More than just an action-adventure series as the trailers might suggest, the show centers on Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, two of Steve Rogers' buddies, as they track down the leader of a terrorist organization and grapple with the legacy Captain America left behind. The story takes a deeper look into the two main characters' lives while exploring the in-universe repercussions of The Blip. I never considered how the mortgage industry would be affected by half the population returning after Thanos's snap, for instance. And, of course, (minor spoiler) the new Captain America (who a lot of people hate), played by Wyatt Russel (who does a great job), is already a meme.

  • What else I'm watching: Zack Snyder's Justice League. Much of DC's connected movieverse doesn't resonate with me, and the original Justice League was not the exception. What's fascinating to me, though, is how a major studio greenlit such a massive recut of a blockbuster film, almost like an admission that the original didn't live up to expectations. This makes sense, as Snyder had to leave Justice League partway through production, though I've never seen a recut of this magnitude. I'm not sure how much it changes the direction of the DCEU, if at all, especially since it seems they might reboot the universe with the new Flash movie.

  • What I'm reading: The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. How can a good, loving God allow suffering? This is the question Lewis sets out to answer. In this short but dense book, he deconstructs philosophical and theological fallacies and constructs a body of rationale thought to illustrate the goodness and love of God in a way that seems so simple we have to ask how we missed such obvious truths. Very insightful, as are all his writings.

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