• Michael Hilton

Oh, Snap. | The Weekly Geek 55

Hey there, you nerd. Here's a short list of stuff I'm geeking out about this week:

  • What I'm finding fascinating: Gravity bending this exploding star into four images. Hubble took these photos, which show light from a supernova bending around a cluster of massive galaxies and splitting into four images. So cool.

  • Game I'm playing: New Pokémon Snap. The original Pokémon Snap for N64 remains one of my favorite games. I still break it out and play every once in a while. A game about taking pictures of Pokémon seems the dumbest idea, but it totally worked in the early 2000s, especially on my Pokémon-addled brain at the height of the franchise's craze. And it works beautifully now. Technology has quite obviously progressed since the original's release, and the sequel sees modern incorporations such as the use of social media and filters. But even with all its new offerings, the core gameplay remains true to its predecessor. Trying to snap better photos, discover in-world secrets, and increase your composition score is just as addicting as it was in the original. Plus, it's got a chill vibe, which makes it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  • What's killing me: Norm MacDonald's moth joke.

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