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Jená Prystowsky | The Weekly Geek 56

Happy October, you nerd. This week, I had the pleasure of appearing on the wonderful Jená Prystowsky's podcast The Gaudy: Insights. I then tricked her into featuring on The Weekly Geek and tell us what she's geeking out about lately.

Jená Prystowsky is editor of the blog Gaudy Language and is also the host of an accompanying podcast called The Gaudy: Insights. Both the blog and the podcast are geared toward providing information and encouragement to people interested in different creative fields. On the podcast, she interviews professionals from diverse creative backgrounds and gets their insight about their work to inspire future generations of creative people.

Jená, what are you geeking out about lately?

  • What I'm reading: The Push by Ashley Audrain. It’s a deep look into the concept of motherhood and the destruction of a family, and as soon as I saw it described as a psychological thriller, I knew I wanted to read it. I’m a sucker for thrillers, whether it’s a book or a movie.

  • What I'm listening to: Well, I’m definitely listening to a lot of The Wiggles songs, since I have a toddler. On my own time, I’ve recently been listening to soundtracks from musicals such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Wicked. I’ve also been taking a trip down memory lane and listening to stuff from the early 2000s by Nelly, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, etc.

  • TV shows I'm watching: I’ve been watching a bunch of TV shows--most of them pretty different from each other. I just finished Good Witch--which I liked for its simplicity; there was never any real drama in the show, and it was one of those shows I could have going on in the background while I was working. I’ve started the latest season of Lucifer, and I’ve caught a few episodes of Marvel’s What If…? I just recently started watching the latest from Grace and Frankie and Clickbait.

And what else are you up to?

  • Doing all the little things connected with the blog and podcast. I review posts from contributors to my blog, write my own articles. I also contact interviewees and set up interviews both for the blog and for the podcast. As far as my personal projects, I am an actress, so I’ve been working on any auditions that my agents sends me. (Due to COVID, most of these auditions are done by video).

Thanks again to Jená for having me on her podcast and for featuring on this edition of The Weekly Geek. If you like discovering awesome new things to geek out about, be sure to subscribe to the blog and then share it with your friends!

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