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I'm Wearing New Shoes | The Weekly Geek 58

Oh hi, you nerd. Here's your bi-weekly list of stuff I'm geeking out about.

  • Spanish learning resource I'm using: The Duolingo Spanish Podcast. I've been using the Duolingo app to learn Spanish for over two years now. It's really progressed me toward my goal of becoming bilingual. In fact, Duolingo consistently impresses me with its powerful and robust approach to learning. I'll admit the dopamine reward of gaining XP points and adding to my daily streak makes learning a language addicting in a good way. It's also well supported with constant updates and supplemental resources. One of those resources comes in the form of its podcasts, where a native speaker tells an intermediate-level story with a narrator providing context in English. The stories are often mysteries or true crime, which hold my attention and keep me focused. Even if I don't understand a chunk of what's said, I can remain intrigued while immersing myself in the language.

  • Shoes I'm wearing: Feiyue. These shoes have a following in the martial arts and parkour communities thanks to their light weight, flexibility, and durability. They also look sleek. Plus they're inexpensive. Stupidly inexpensive for a shoe, if you ask me. Like, I'm not sure how they're making money.

  • Book I'm enjoying: Marcus Aurelius's Meditations. The Emperor of Rome subscribed to Stoic philosophy, and his journal compiles his thoughts, or meditations, on life. Stoicism interests me for its practicality in living a good life in a world that is often cruel. I actually find many parallels to how Christ lived. In fact, John's Gospel even pulls from Stoic terminology in its opening chapter. Stoics used the Greek word logos to describe the inherent order of the universe, and John employs it to identify "the Word" with God. From what I understand, the Gregory Hay's translation is superior to others.

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