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Arcane is Magic | The Weekly Geek 65

Whatup, nerd. Happy winter. Here’s your bi-weekly short list of stuff I’m geeking out about:

What I’m reading: Heroes Die by Mathew Woodring Stover. Easily one of my favorite reads ever. In a caste society on a futuristic Earth, Harry Michaelson is a famous actor “playing” an action hero in a very real, very dangerous parallel dimension. The story here is a masterclass in writing science fiction/fantasy, throwing fully-realized characters into a world of brutal action, philosophical ideologies, and multi-faceted political intrigue. This should have been a Game-of-Thrones-level global hit if it had gotten the exposure it deserved back in the 90s. Ignore the generic fantasy cover. Highly recommend.

What I’m watching: Arcane. I’ve never played League of Legends, and nothing about a video game adaptation excites me in general. But I kept seeing great reviews about this series, and, uh, this is officially one of my favorite shows of all time. Everything from the art direction to the characters to the story is so, so good. Here’s to hoping Netflix doesn’t cancel this series prematurely like so many others.

What I’m listening to: OCRemix.org. This site offers remixed version of classic and modern video game music by various artists. Currently playing Super Mario 64 jams.

That’s it for this week! If you enjoy discovering awesome new things, please consider sharing the blog.

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