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Vikings Have Raided This Post | The Weekly Geek 70

Hello to all you nerds who fell for my April Fool’s post two weeks ago. To everyone else: hi, you nerd. Here’s your biweekly short list of stuff I’m geeking out about.

  • What I’m watching: Vikings. I’ve known about this show for a while, but with its sequel dropping on Netflix, the original series moved to the top of my watch list. Season One follows the historical figure Ragnar Lothbrook on his raids to England and his clashes with nobility. From what I understand, the series is a fairly accurate depiction of what archaeologists currently know of the Viking age. Sad I slept on this one for so long.

  • What I’m reading: Following up on the first bullet, Children of Ash and Elm: A history of the Vikings by Neil Price. I tend to deep dive into topics I’m interested in, and because I was relatively ignorant of the Viking age, I decided to learn all about it. Neil Price does an excellent job of creating a vibrant picture of Viking life according to current archaeological and historical discoveries. I appreciate how he caveats that much of our understanding of Scandinavian culture comes from the writings of neighboring societies and how he admits his own biases as an archaeologist. In addition, his poetic language ensures that chapters are rarely dry history. Great, comprehensive book about the Vikings.

  • Track I’m listening to:Cymatics (Automatic Mix)” by Nigel Stanford ft. Noah Caine. Hyping myself for finishing this Bobby Robot 2.0 manuscript.

That’s it for this edition. If you like discovering awesome new things, be sure to share and subscribe. Bye, you nerd.

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