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TWG's First Exclusive Deal For Readers | The Weekly Geek 71

Oh hi, you nerd. I have an exclusive offer just for readers, and it's pretty cool. Find out about it in the third bullet below. Anyway, here’s your bi-weekly short list of stuff I’m geeking out about.

  • Movie I’m watching: Everything Everywhere All At Once. An aging Chinese immigrant finds herself drawn into the multiverse to stop an inter-dimensional threat to all of space and time. No spoilers. This is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. The action-adventure aspects get quite bizarre in the best way possible thanks to an earnest, heartfelt story that binds all of the film’s wonderfully insane creative choices into a very relatable narrative about what it means to exist. Highly recommend.

  • Show I’m watching: Moon Knight. No spoilers. Marvel’s new series stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a man with multiple personalities, one of whom turns out to be an avatar for the Egyptian moon god. It’s an engaging head trip, one in which we’re never quite sure if what we’re seeing is real or the subconscious manifestations of Steven’s fractured psyche. I haven’t enjoyed a Marvel show this much since Loki.

  • Deal I’m loving: I’ve posted before about my LoveHandle Pro. The all-in-one phone accessiory acts as a grip to hold your phone, a kickstand to prop it up, and a powerful magnet so you can stick your phone on any magnetic surface. My only issue is that the strap seems to lose some of it’s elasticity with heavy use over about 6 weeks. BUT I contacted the company and received a personal response saying that they’re working on sourcing new elastic and are committed to buying from American manufacturers. In the meantime, they’re offering The Weekly Geek readers an exclusive 50% off straps for the LoveHandle and LoveHandle Pro models with the code: 50offstraps This is a huge discount and you can stock up on straps on the cheap. This isn’t a sponsored post, and I don’t make any money off of this, but I thought it was really cool of LoveHandle to offer this to my readers. That’s how you run a business, my friends. Again, that code is 50offstraps

That’s it for this week! If you like discovering awesome new stuff, be sure to subscribe and share this blog!

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