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The Black Keys, Anki, and Bananas | The Weekly Geek 73

Whatup, nerd. Here’s your bi-weekly short list of stuff I’m geeking out about or enjoying.

What I’m listening to: Dropout Boogie by the Black Keys. Their new album recently dropped, and the standout banger for me is “Wild Child.”

Language-learning resource I’m using: Anki. This smart flashcard system shows you the definition/terms at varying frequencies based on the cards you have the most trouble with. It’s not just for language, as you can make or find flashcard decks for anything, but it seems to consistently rank high on language-learning resource lists. Aside from a somewhat clunky interface, it works well at helping me review Spanish words I struggle with the most.

Fact I learned I cannot get over: Banana-flavored candy tastes nothing like bananas because the flavor compound was created based on an old variety of bananas we no longer eat. The Gros Michel banana was the most widely available variety until the 1950s when a disease wiped them out, giving rise to our current Cavendish banana, which tastes nothing like the banana-flavored candy of the early 20th century. So when you eat something with artificial banana flavoring, you’re actually tasting an almost-extinct variety of banana our great-grandparents ate. You’re basically savoring the past when you eat the banana candies in a pack of Runts. I learned all this on one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff You Should Know, which featured a short episode about the topic. Surprisingly entertaining and fascinating.

That’s it for this week! If you like discovering awesome new stuff to geek out about, be sure to subscribe and share the blog!

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